Let’s Talk: Castle

The episode we all have been waiting for impatiently. After no new episode last week and the fourth episode was the hamptons episode, I couldn’t wait another week with no new episode. Instead had to wait longer. I think this episode is the one that is more serious and will take us on a roller coaster. I can’t wait for this episode.

We only get a good handful episodes were we know what’s the ending is, but have no idea how we will get there and this episode is one of them. Are you worried about this episode? Do you think Beckett and Castle are going to break up?

For me, I never thought of them breaking up. The question I had was how will Beckett get him out of this. Has anyone else thought of a moment with Alexis and Beckett? It will be the first they have together as Beckett as Castle’s girlfriend. I really hope that happens, I want them to bond.

My other question is who will be there for Beckett? We know that Ryan knows, but no one else does. Will Ryan tell Beckett he knows? Will Beckett tell Lanie? Does Lanie know? I have a feeling Ryan will be there for Beckett, but also not say that he knows. Help her find a way on who did this.

Who do you think is framing Castle? When I first saw the promo my first instinct was 3XK. Last we saw him was at the hotel room before he escaped. He does have something against Castle. After thinking about it I do want it to be someone new. Someone who has it in for Castle and will do anything to get him locked up. That would be a great new mystery.

What are you looking forward to this episode? Any guesses of what might happen?


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