Let’s Talk: Revenge

This past episode of Revenge was insane. So much happened and I don’t know where to begin. It’s crazy how so much happened with just one hour. From seeing Emily kick ass to breaking down.

Emily was so determined to be face to face to her mother that she thought she could handle. It’s a good thing that Aiden was there to help her cope. Where is Nolan? He hasn’t been there for Emily and we barely have any screen time with these two. Hopefully that will change this week. Nolan and Padma are getting it on. I don’t know why but for me Padma is fishy. Something doesn’t add up with her and know she has something on her agenda. Do you feel the same way?

Declan’s storyline is really weak and don’t understand why they went with that storyline. The guy did all this just so they could get the bar?! I don’t like it and hope the writers change it. Jack just seems like he never catches a break, one thing after another.

The whole Fauxmanda falling and the baby survived doesn’t make sense. I couldn’t believe that Emily’s mom was at the hospital. Wonder if she will recognize Emily as Amanda. I have a feeling she won’t for a little while, but afterwards will put the pieces together and know. What do you think?


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