Let’s Talk: Homeland

Just when I feel like I know what’s going to happen, Homeland just twists it and makes it even better. I was really excited for this episode and didn’t expect any of this to go down.

Brody and Jessica are having their rough patch again. I want Jessica and Michael to be together. There chemistry just screams through my tv screen. Brody is staying at a hotel. First he bumps into Carrie at the CIA and then offers her for a drink. I was so excited for them to have screen time together and how crazy it will be.

Finally, David sees the video Brody has made and sees what Carrie has seen all this time. David and Saul team up to take him down and see who else works for Abu Nazir. They totally missed the journalist, hope they figure that out soon.

I thought David will let Carrie run this, but that backfired. Instead we get Brian Quinn and do I smell Carrie and Quinn getting together?! For some odd reason I do and see him liking her, but she doesn’t want to and he ends up catching her with all this mess that’s going on.

I like the storyline Dana and Finn are going they are cute together. I think her boyfriend now will not take it well. I like that Dana told Finn she can’t be with him until she breaks up with her boyfriend.

What did you think of the episode? Did it surprise you just as much as it did for me? Go Carrie!


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