Revenge S2E3- Confidence

Some big things happened this week, lots of jaw breaking moments, wtf moments, and grasp for air moments. Every week the episode just gets better and better and goes to a new level each time.

Lets start with Nolan Ross. Poor guy never catches a break as Aiden chokes him and he can’t escape. Emily saves him and tells him she will explain everything to him later. His new CEO, Padma, has a crush on Nolan. I like how Nolan introduces Emily to her and doesn’t know what to say about Emily. When he explains to Padma the relationship it sounds so dirty and they are always fighting. I love the phone call he had with Emily and Padma was standing there, it sounded dirty that she didn’t know what they were talking about, but I thought it was hilarious. I did love the talk he had with Emily the next morning. It was so meaningful and touching, I really like when they have these kind of scenes together.

Aiden goes to the motel the white haired man was at and bumps into Emily’s mom without knowing it is her. She catches on and calls him and then calls Conrad. That was shocking. It was even more shocking when Emily listened to his voicemail and she hears her mother’s voice for the first time in years and her mother was in love with the white haired man. What happened when she went with him? Why didn’t she look for Emily all these years? Why would her father lie to her about her mother dying years ago?

Victoria plans to have reporters at her house so she can tell her story. The story changes as Emily tells Fauxmanda to give Charlotte the notebook her father had and written he knew about her before she was even born. Charlotte confronts Victoria in front of one of the reporters and she is angry. Next thing we know she tells the press everything including how Charlotte’s father is David Clarke and how Fauxmanda is part of her life now that she is pregnant.

Jack tells Fauxmanda to not go by the Grayson’s because he doesn’t want there baby by them because they are bad news. Next thing he sees Fauxmanda on the news with them and he tells her that he will be a father, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. That she lied to him he doesn’t want to be with her. One thing he doesn’t like is being lied to. Wonder how that would be when he finds out that Emily is actually Amanda?!

Declan has a new friend and they are stealing. He gets caught and Jack is pissed, the guy is actually nice about it as he just wants his stuff back. Did his new friend set him up? What is the point of this storyline?

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it?


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