Once Upon A Time S2E3- Lady of the Lake

If you have not seen this episode I suggest you do at least a couple of times. The episode was just superb, I can’t get enough of this episode. From
Beginning to end it was great. After last week’s episode I didn’t see how it would be topped, but Snow did show me wrong.

We got to meet Lancelot and how he was a good guy and how he helped Snow. Snow and Emma are trapped and Emma meets Cora and finds out she is Regina’s mother. Snow warns her that she is so much worse than Regina, but Emma still spits out about Henry and what is going on. Loved mama Snow and being all protective of her child.

Charming is trying to figure out how to get the hat working again. Henry wants to help, but Charming thinks its too dangerous for him and he will do it on his own. Henry goes on his own and talks to Jefferson and I love how Henry talked to him. Jefferson hasn’t seen his Gracie because he thinks she is mad at him. Henry tells him how he should go talk to her because he never knows. Jefferson does go at the end and he is reunited with his daughter.

Snow goes back home and shows Emma her room. They go back to get the wardrobe Emma was in. They see that it’s still save and they could go back. Lancelot comes back and Snow realizes that it’s not him and its actually Cora. Emma destroys the wardrobe so Cora doesn’t go back to Storybrooke. There was a mother daughter moment after Cora left. Snow seems more hurt than what happened and what kind of life she would’ve had for her daughter. Cora comes back and gets the ashes of the wardrobe. Does this mean she got magic to get back? How did Lancelot die?

In the flashback, Snow is captured by Lancelot and King George doesn’t kill her, instead poisons her with not having a child. She is heartbroken and doesn’t know how to tell Charming. Lancelot tells her about the men at the cabin and Charming kills them all, but his mother gets hit. She meets Snow as they go to the lake were his mother will be cured. They find a little water and his mother pretends to drink the water and she see Snow and Charming get married before she passes away. She saved the water for Snow to drink so she can have a child.

The last 5 minutes was King George staring at Charming and Henry playing swords. What does this mean?

What you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it?


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