Let’s Talk: The Good Wife

With last season and all the great guest stars, I didn’t think the show will get a better list. I was so wrong. While some say that The Good Wife does focus on the guest stars and have way too many and should focus on the stars of the show, for me I love what they do. The guest stars don’t take screen time from the other stars, for me they challenge them. Like even though we know what will happen sometimes we don’t and I love what they give to the show.

One thing I love about this show is the guest stars. No show has this many guest stars and still rock out. The judges, the lawyers, the other investigators, and the clients are just superb. Especially when they comeback because I love the judges and lawyers that come on.

This season is focusing on two things as of now and that’s the campaign and Kalinda’s storyline. The Kalinda storyline is ok to me. I mean I don’t like this Kalinda and hope we see the kick ass Kalinda we all love. I’m excited for Lana to be back tonight and see what happens with that. With the campaign it just got interesting. That Maddie Hayward is on board because of Alicia just makes things fishing for me. And her telling Alicia she doesn’t have friends and if she does they want something. I believe she wants something. Did you guys feel that or was it just me?

I do want Diane to have a great storyline for her and want to see more of her personal life. I also do want more Cary and see him grow as a person too. I want Alicia and Will to have a stronger friendship and eventually do get back together.

Tonight’s episode the affair has caught up to Alicia. What will she do? Do you think Eli will take care of this? What do you think of the season so far? Are you enjoying it?


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