Revenge S2E2- Resurrection

We all seen it coming, but not everything to go down this way! Yes I’m talking about Victoria. She had things planned and called Conrad to help her out and bring her back to Charlotte. She tells her daughter it was the only way.

As for Emily, she is trying to get back in the circle and make sure Jack and Amanda are put for now. She tells Fauxmanda that she fixed the results and the baby really isn’t Jack’s ( which it really is his!) Then we see that Emily goes to get Charlotte out of rehab as she finds out all her money is gone. Emily takes her to Fauxmanda to have Charlotte not leave that she is being an aunt. Side note: it was the first time Emily called Charlotte her sister when she was talking to Nolan anyone else notice that?

Aiden is keeping an eye on Emily and he’s doing a damn well job. The white haired man is framed by Victoria and Conrad as they told cops he kept her hostage and beat her up. Conrad actually beat her up to make it look like she was held hostage. The white haired man notices the clam cam and calls Emily. He goes over as she wants to know what happened to her mother.

He tells her that he was suppose to kill her, but he didn’t. Then tries to kill Emily and Aiden shoots the white haired man. At the right place at the right time. What will happen next with these two? And is the white haired man dead?

Ashley seems like she is working for Conrad and not Daniel. How hasn’t Daniel not noticed yet? Nolan has a new CEFO and seems like something is going to happen with these two. She does know how to speak her mind to him.

In the flashback, we see that Victoria gets Emily’s mother out of psychotic place and runs away. The question is where?!

What did you think of the episode?

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