The Good Wife S4E2- And The Law Won

What a great episode, the good wife never disappoints. Let’s talk about the “racy” ice cream scene everyone was talking about for months now. If you have forgotten the scene was Kalinda and her husband, Nick were eating ice cream when he sticks his fingers down there. Instead she gives me a remark as he use to be good at it so he sticks those two fingers in her ice cream, but she still eats from it. Anyways, the scene was suppose to be horrible and from what I read it sounded like it was 10x worse then what it was. I thought the scene wasn’t even bad not even an omg did that happen. I don’t get why they made it a big deal when last season there were so much more than that.

The case this week was about a guy being tasered multiple times before dying. This was Will’s first case back in the court room since his suspension. Will was going against the man who suspended him, which was kind of a cool way to do. It seemed like Will was going to win that he had an offer of 800,000. The way he is though he wanted more and he knew he could get more. It back fired as the case went in a different route, he was getting frustrating. It seemed like the jury wasn’t helping, that they now can ask question. It also seemed like someone on the jury had inside information. Will did get his groove back as he got to show that the cop made a mistake by the red sticker on his backpack(as it was to see who was irrupting the riot for the cops). He did win the case with 3.5 million. Great job Will on your first day back.

Alicia has a new friend who is also the new landlord, Maddie Hayward. Alicia was suppose to give her a new proposal for the firm, but she was more interested in knowing Alicia then about Lockart/Gardner. Alicia was doing a whole lot this episode, from working the case, talking to the trustee, to talking to Maddie, to telling Nick he needs to go. She was a superwoman this episode.

The trustee was trying to get all the workers against each other and most talked bad about one another, except Alicia she wouldn’t allow it. In the end, most were let go and Alicia stayed.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it?


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