Revenge S2E1- Destiny

Just when the show couldn’t get better it did. The writers kicked ass tonight. Just like last season, they went three months ahead and we saw the Amanda tank and a body well arm was there. The people said it wasn’t an accident and there was an explosion. Who do you think it could be?

It starts off with Emily being tied down in the water. At first I thought she was suppose to escape, but it was for her to get her memory back about her mother. Aiden went and got her out, as Takeda thinks Emily lost her ways. That she let the white haired man go and she didn’t finish the job, he now thinks she won’t be able to finish her revenge.

Emily goes back to the Hamptons, as Aiden goes after her to keep an eye on her. Can’t wait to see how these two work together. Nolan is boxing now, ever since what happened he decided to do something about it.

We do find out that Nolan is homeless at the moment and is living with Emily. He goes and sees Jack as they are both happy to see each other until Fauxmanda ruins the moment. Jack is in a new different place as he is living on his boat and getting drunk every night. Jack does say to Fauxmanda if the baby is his and now will take a test to see if it is.

Charlotte looks like she’s doing well and on the right path. Seems like she is pushing away from her family and getting closer to her secret half sister Emily. The Grayson’s kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a Victoria memorial with an auction of one of her pictures. Charlotte got to go that she is in rehab, but was escorted shortly as her blood work showed she was positive of drugs in her system. She runs to Emily and whispers something in her ear.

We find out that Victoria is alive and in a safe house. Emily crabs a shell and has Nolan to put a camera in there. Of course Victoria doesn’t trust Emily and the white haired man comes to her house and Victoria tells him to do what he has done because Emily is now a liability and that can’t happen.

Ashley has taken over Victoria and thinks she’s all that now that she’s with Daniel, but seems as Daniel doesn’t really care for her.

A lot happened in the premiere? How much did you enjoy of it? We’re you surprised with anything?


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