Dexter S7E1- Are You…?

After a disappointing season 6, season 7 kicked off with a bang. So much happened and it just got interesting. Debra knowing about Dexter dark secret. Who is this intern? What will Lagurita do with that slide?

Deb finds Dexter killing Travis and she freaks. He thinks he should tell her little about his secret and not everything. Too late for that. When she saw how Travis was it brought back flashbacks of the ice truck killer and how she was. Deb wanted answers and it was pretty cool how she put all the pieces together without Dexter telling her a whole lot.

The intern at Metro Police has some kind of anger towards Dexter which I don’t get why. This time he even took all his credit cards and declined every single one of them. Why he did that, I have no clue! But does seem like a creep and obsessed with Dexter.

The new cop, Mike went to help a citizen with a tire and next thing we know he was shot to death. The guy killed a stripper too. Dexter went after the guy and surprisingly killed him quickly. Something I missed about Dexter.

Leguarta finds a slide that Dexter forgot to grab and not could be in danger. Debra can’t sit with Dexter killing just Travis and the last 3 minutes of the episode we see Deb in Dexter’s apartment with everything. What a shocker? Dexter tells her he’s a serial killer and that he did kill each and every one of them.

What’s next? Will he tell deb everything? What did you think of the episode?


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