The Big Bang Theory S5E1- The Date Night Variable

Finally some great comedy is back! Sad the episode was only a half hour and not an hour, but it was a great episode. Lots of funny moments. Howard being in space and his mother yelling cracked me up. No matter where Howard is at that voice will always be there and louder than ever!

Two parts in the episode made me awe; the first was Sheldon telling Amy about how he felt about her, even though after he said he got it from Spiderman. The second was Raj being alone. That poor guy has been alone for such a long time, I think it’s time for him to have a lady friend.

Howard wants to please both his mother and his wife so he lies to both of them about him moving with one and the other. When his space partner tells him how he lied, Howard says he will never leave space and be there to not deal with any of it. Wonder how long that will take for Howard to realize they will find him.

Raj is alone and has lost his best friend and needs to find someone to hangout with. He has a moment with Stewart and they bond, that they are both lonely and have no lives. They dance together (which was hilarious) and decide to go on a date well hangout. I think this will be a great relationship for both of them because they both feel alone and I believe a great friendship will come along.

Leonard and Penny are still on the rocks after what happened in the finale. It does seem like they are trying to get past it, but are also avoiding it with each other. Hopefully they do resolve it.

The episode had hilarious moments through out the episode and I was laughing the entire episode. One of my favorite moments was when Sheldon and Leonard were eating and Leonard tells Sheldon that he believes that God built the earth in six days and on the seventh day he made Sheldon to annoy him. I died when he said that. The writers really have a great way of writing.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Were you laughing just as much I did.


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