Scandal S2E1- White’s Hat Off

With a short season and a banger finale, Scandal came back with a bang. They moved 6 months from the finale and a lot had happened. Just a note I’m still going to call Quinn, Quinn.

We see Quinn locked up and figure out what happened to her. She was accused of killing her boyfriend and six other people in his building. She tells the story how someone kidnapped her and then somehow woke up in Washington D.C. and got a whole new identity. She doesn’t know who did it and what happened, but she kept saying she is telling the truth.

Olivia and the president haven’t seen each other and it shows in him. He is unhappy and his wife is basically running the show. Millie is pregnant and they are having a boy. Fitz isn’t too thrilled on the baby. Fitz does call Olivia and they have a moment and talk to each other like nothing has happened. How long will it take before they get together?!

Quinn fires Olivia for a minute and Olivia changes her mind. The question when I saw how hard Olivia was pushing to free Quinn while everyone else thinks she did kill her boyfriend, I was thinking why is Olivia pushing this and what did she do and how far did Olivia go to do this?!

Besides all this going on, Olivia gets a call from a senator who has a big scandal, which is that he had been with women on the office desk. Olivia does save the day and have him address it before someone else does it. Not only that he changes the subject and have people like him again.

Back to Quinn, she was losing the trial and Olivia sees they are going to lose. Once we find out that they will hang her for what she did, Olivia closes the door and makes a phone call. The next scene they are in court and Quinn wins. Not only is the jury surprised, but so is everyone else in the court. They couldn’t figure out what happened, only Olivia knows what she did.

The last five minutes, we see that Olivia already knew Quinn before Quinn came into her life. Huck was the one who kidnapped her and got her new identity. Abbey and Harrison don’t know about this except Huck and Olivia. David knows she did something and will do anything to find out what Olivia did.

What did you think of the season premiere? Did you enjoy it? Did it blow your mind?


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