Thursday Night!

One of my second busy days of shows is on Thursdays! Great comedy and great dramas on this day. Finally our shows are back and some have already came back and some we are still waiting for. Well today some of the best shows will be back tonight!

The Big Bang Theory 8pm/CBS

We didn’t really get a cliffhanger in the season 5 finale, but Howard and Bernadette finally got married and he’s in space. Also, is Penny and Leonard together or will they break up? Let’s not forget about our favorite nerd, Sheldon, and what will happen with him and Amy? Will Raj finally find a girl?

Person of Interest 9pm/CBS

What a finale last season and a Big Bang the entire season. The big question is what will happen to Finch? How far will Reese go, even though we know he will go to extremes.

Scandal 10pm/ABC

Even though it only had a few episodes of season 1, the show was so good you didn’t want it to end. The big question is who is Quinn and why did she change her name? How long will the president and Olivia stay away from each other?

Grey’s Anatomy 9pm/ABC

The Office 9pm/NBC

Up All Night 8:30pm/NBC

Parks and Recreation 9:30pm/NBC

Two and Half Men 8:30pm/CBS

Elementary 10pm/CBS

X Factor 8pm/Fox

Glee 9pm/Fox

Last Resort 8pm/ABC


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