Let’s Talk: How I Met Your Mother

Taking that the season 8 premiere was a few days ago, let’s talk about what happened and what we thought happened. If it was what we expected it to be and if it was great.

This is what I thought of the season premiere! It was okay, but it wasn’t amazing. The past few seasons HIMYM has lost it’s funny and focused more on the storyline! I do miss the funny and not liking the whole seriousness every time. I love characters too much to walk away from the show, but the show does need to comeback to we’re it was in season 1-3.

The whole not seeing the mother is annoying too. We should at least see her or at least know who she is and why she was at Barney’s wedding.

I will still watch the show even though I have lost interest. It’s the last season for now and I do want to know what the end will be.

What did you think of the premiere? Did you enjoy it?


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