Let’s Talk: Castle

After soaking in the epic season premiere of Castle I think it’s time to do a let’s talk. I couldn’t get enough of the episode, it was one of the best and kicked off season 5 in a great way!

One thing I noticed with this show is that the writers love to give off clues and most of the time I miss it. I watched the episode twice already and both times I was smiling from ear to ear!

I love that the writers don’t go the same route as other shows and do things there own way. For example, I love that they finally got Beckett and Castle together and it’s not serious. I like that its new, but it’s also fun and goofy. One thing I’m looking forward to is who is going to find out first and hoping they can keep the secret for a few more episodes. I also, want Ryan and Espo to be mad at each other for a bit longer and then have Ryan to do something so incredible that Espo will be impressed.

What are you looking forward to episode 2? Who do you think will figure out Beckett and Castle are together? Will they get caught or they will tell someone? I think this season will be a great season, even though I loved season 4. I think season 5 is new and its more like they just started the show and I love that.


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