How I Met Your Mother S8E1- Farhampton

The premiere of How I Met Your Mother has came and gone. Not a whole lot happened, but then again it did depending how you look at it. Let’s start with what happened last season, Marshall and Lilly have a baby, Quinn and Barney are engaged, Victoria ran from the alter to be with Ted, and Barney marry’s Robin.

The season premiere begins where we left off, Ted sitting at the bus stop and telling the story of Barney and Robin’s wedding and how they got there. We saw that Barney was second guessing if he should marry Robin and later find out that Robin was also second guessing if she should marry Barney.

From going to a flash-forward we went back to the present. As Ted and Victoria were off on the sunset, Ted makes Victoria to write a letter to Claus to why she is leaving him at the alter. Ted is a little sensitive that Victoria is leaving him because he was left at the alter and wants to make sure this is exactly what she wants to do and not second guess anything.

Quinn had no idea that Barney and Robin where ever together that Barney took every memory of them together out his life. Well technically he had it all in a box in a storage, will get there in a minute. We find out that Robin is dating Matt (if you remember he is the guy from the bar and also the store Ted bought those ugly red boots). Quinn is mad and think Robin still has feelings for Barney and is just saying she is over Barney, but once Quinn sees Matt she is okay with everything. Barney tells Robin about a storage and it is filled with all there times being together and you see Robin crying.

Ted being the nice guy back fires on him yet again. Going to put the note for Claus that Victoria wrote for him, but then bumping into Claus and seeing that he actually left Victoria and became the good guy and had Claus be the bad guy leaving Victoria. Later, Ted wants to know why he left her that she is such a beautiful person, Claus explains to him why he couldn’t and it all made sense to Ted that Victoria is not the one for him and he just needs to wait and once he does he will know she is the one.

The only funny part of the show was Marshall and Lilly! Being up all night with the baby and not sleeping at all, they have been delusional. Once someone is talking to them they forgot what just happened and repeat themselves. Also, when someone was talking to them they saw an aquarium. They spilled the beans about Barney and Robin being together.

Last, but not least where Ted met Claus and where he was sitting at the Farhampton train station after Barney and Robin’s wedding we see the mother yet again. Of course we don’t see the face, just an umbrella.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Are you glad they finally put an end to Victoria? What is your take on not meeting or seeing the mother yet? How much longer can we wait? Who do you think the mother is?


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4 responses to “How I Met Your Mother S8E1- Farhampton”

  1. Mariana says :

    I really liked this episode. At first I thought not a lot had happened, but after watching it again I realized that they were setting the mood for the coming season. Like Ted and Victoria ending because Ted knows in his heart that she’s not quite what he wants and the same with Barney and Quinn. Also Lilly and Marshall learning to adjust to their new lives as parents and Robin being in one last relationship before she and Barney find their way back to each other.

    I’ll be honest, I’m a little sad that Victoria and Ted are going to be ending soon because I’ve always had a soft spot for her. I knew she was never going to be the mother, but I love her so much that I wish she could be. 😦 I am super excited to find out who the actual mother is though and It’s so cool to know that we’re so close to finding out!

    • rikrez says :

      i loved this episode spl the part where claus explains as to why victoria was not his lebenslangerschicksalsschatz….however i really dnt understand why barney and quin break up??? i really thot barney and quin had a lot more in common than he and robin….besides quin had given up stripping 4 barney…dats a big sacrifice…m really excited abt the mother and hope its worth all this wait

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