Castle S5E1- After the Storm

What an amazing episode! We have been waiting for this episode for so long. So much happened and it was just blew me away. I was expecting the premiere to be good, but not this good. Let’s begin with what happened last season: Beckett almost died by Maddox, Maddox got to Smith and was in his office/house, Espo and Beckett got suspended, Beckett resigned, Espo and Ryan broke up, and Castle and Beckett finally got together.

Lots happened last season finale and it picked up right were it left off. The opener was Castle waking up and seeing that Beckett isn’t there, but she was making coffee for each other. Which was kind of sweet, that Castle is always the one that brings her coffee this time she actually brought it to him. They are talking about this being for real and not just a one time thing and next thing we know his mother is home and so is Alexis. Castle isn’t ready for them to go public as this is new and still figuring it out. So Beckett hides in the closet and she is pissed. Beckett makes a clean slate out of the door as Castle is talking to a hungover Alexis. Which was pretty funny.

Castle goes to Beckett’s apartment and she is pissed that he made her hide in the closet thinking he is embarrassed of her, which that isn’t the case. Ryan is at the door and Beckett starts panicking as Castle did when his mother came home and both come to an understanding they don’t want no one to know yet they got together. Ryan is questioning Castle why he is there and of course Castle freezes up and Beckett is nervous. Good thing Castle turns the question to Ryan to why he is there. Ryan is alone doing everything and needs help to figure out where Maddox is and why is after Beckett. Espo is on his own quest to find Maddox and does it by asking for help from a military friend who he took a bullet for.

With Castle by her side, Beckett proceeds with the investigation even though she isn’t a cop anymore. They find Michael Smith and see that Maddox got to him first. Smith whispers to Castle 86 and Castle runs with. He finds a place Smith owns and they go there. Little did we know Maddox was there first and handcuff Beckett and Castle. They think they are going to die and talk about last night and Espo walks in on them and asks what they should of done 4 years ago. Thank god Espo didn’t catch on to what they were talking about as he was more worried about getting Maddox before he gets the files. As Maddox got to the files, the place exploded and he is dead.

Ryan gathers all the files as they were destroyed from the explosion. Did anyone else feel the tension between Ryan and Espo because I definitely did. As all four of them are working to put the pieces together, they get the bank number and we find out the person behind all of this is Senator Bracken. Beckett and Castle go to the hospital to see Michael Smith and he tells them he doesn’t want anything to do with them. They step away for a minute and next thing we know Smith is gone from a ‘heart attack’ and Beckett isn’t happy about this.

Beckett goes to Bracken the next morning, did anyone notice Castle stayed the night at her house wearing the same clothes?!  Anyways, Beckett and Bracken talk and I wanted Beckett to kick his ass, but she didn’t. He thought he had the upper hand and that she was going to die because he has the playing hand. He was so wrong, she told him she had the files and the deal was still on and she will put the files away if they keep her and everyone close to her alive or she will go public with it. I was so happy and screamed when Beckett walked out and the gang was standing there.

Beckett got her job back, but still has to do her suspension as Espo has to and you know what she will be doing, well who she will be doing! (;

What did you think of the premiere? Did you expect everything to go down like this? Were you smiling ear to ear like me through the episode? Are you happy how they rested Beckett’s mother’s case?


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