What A Change!

I’ve been trying to find motivation and get inspired for a while now. My cousin told me about Joel Osteen like a month ago. I forgot his name and forgot about. Until today, I went to target found two of his books and I decided to read a few pages of them and liked it so much. I was motivated and moved for what he has said. When I got home the first thing I did was go on YouTube and watch some of his videos. I only watched one video and my whole perspective on life has changed.

Actually listening to what he has to say and understanding what he is saying is amazing. I learned that what we say turns into how our future turns out. When we say I can’t do it, why me, I will never pass this, etc. will only hold us back and we won’t get past anything. Instead of dwelling on something stare at and face it.

I was depressed for weeks and didn’t know how to get past it and after one video I have overcome it. I now realize what I want and how to look at life. I’m going to buy the books and read it every time I feel down. Joel has just made me happy and look at life in a better way!

If you haven’t watched or heard of Joel Osteen and feel down watch him. He will truly change your life and change how to look at life!!


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