Time Flies

Haven’t realized how much time flies. We complain about it being Monday and next thing it’s already Friday. The year has come and gone and days go by with just a blink of an eye. That I’ve been so busy with school and work I didn’t even realize what day it is and what class I have.

This weekend I’m going to Boston for vacation and I didn’t even notice its actually this weekend and I’m leaving in 2 days. It just hit me earlier today that I need to start packing to leave. I’m excited for the trip because I need a break from school and work. I’ve been working and school everyday and no days off. Which is tiring and not fun at all. I’ve lost so much sleep these past 2 weeks.

Then starting next week is when most shows are coming back! How exciting. I can’t wait. Going to be even busier for me. Hopefully I will keep up.


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