Feeling Down

How’s everyone doing today? It’s Friday, that means its the weekend? What are your plans for this weekend?

I’ve been super busy and having a lot on my plate with school and work its hard for me to find time to do anything else which sucks. For some reason this semester seems tougher than any other semester and don’t know why. I’ve been waking up at 5am everyday and it’s exhausting! I’m ready for a day to just sleep all day.

These past few weeks I’ve been depressed and sad and stressed out. That’s why I haven’t done any advices or anything besides show things. Each day I’m taking it step by step to get out of it, the only thing is every time I start to feel better someone says something and I get back in deeper which isn’t good. I really need a break from everyone and just be alone, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

The thing that sucks even more is that I don’t really have anyone to talk to that really knows my entire situation and I tend to keep everything to myself. I hate that I do because I always bury everything and when something or someone triggers it I get worse and that’s not good at all.

I don’t like going to someone who will judge me, I just want someone who will listen and support me. Lately I feel like I have no one supporting me and I’m doing everything on my own, but yet everyone is staring at me waiting for me break.

I know in the end I will become stronger and get past this. The finish line seems so far from here but I will keep pushing. Taking one speed bump at a time.

Hope you have an amazing weekend and God bless you!


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