Let’s Talk: The Good Wife

One of my favorite shows. The writing, the cast, the characters, the guest stars, I love everything about this show! I mean just look at the Emmy nominations it receives. Julianna Marguilies just blows me away! Season 3 was superb, every episode was fantastic.

Season 4 starts in 23 days (September 30th) and I honestly can’t wait. Not only are we getting some amazing guest stars (new and returning), but also get new storylines. I can’t wait for Kalinda to face off her husband.

If you remember season 3 finale ending with someone at Kalinda’s door and she was ready to fight. Who could it be? At first I assumed it was her crazy hubby, but as I think about it, it could also be Lana. The reason why I think it could be her is because Kalinda did tell her she was in danger and with Lana being an FBI agent she could find out she really is and with Kalinda’s face she must have seen she was really scared. I do hope it’s Lana to the rescue.

I do hope we see Matthew Perry back even though he has his own show. The storyline would be great. Season 4 has a lot to offer and I believe it will be even better. I do hope Alicia and Will get back together they are perfect for each other.

What are you excited about season 4? Will is going to be back in court and a lawyer how exciting will that be? Will Cary finally be on the same side as Alicia? Will Peter become governor? Will Kalinda get rid of her husband? And my favorite question is will Alicia and Kalinda become close and Kalinda finally open up to Alicia?


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