Let’s Talk: Castle

Let’s talk is back! Each day until season premiere I will talk about a show I’m excited about to have back. I might even do two shows in one day.

I wanted to kick back into let’s talk with one show I’m obsessed with, can’t stop watching the promo, and can’t wait for the show to comeback. Of course I’m talking about Castle.

I have watched the promo about 1,000 times a day and each time I watch it I get excited. What this season will bring and what I’m expecting is just pure amazing. Everyone who watches this show is just as excited as I am with Beckett and Castle finally being together. I can’t wait to see who will find out first about them and how Lannie will react when she finds out about these two. If you remember last season Castle was going to be home alone because his mom is going to the Hamptons and Alexis is at her all nighter and won’t be home until the next day afternoonish.

My theory is that Alexis walks in the doors as Beckett is making breakfast in Castle white t-shirt. Can you say awkward. I can’t wait for that.

Another thing I’m excited about is the very last scene of last season. With Smith and the guy who almost killed Beckett. What will happen? Will someone die? I really hope Smith doesn’t die and that the other guy does and Smith can keep Beckett safe.

We all know Beckett will be back at the precinct, but how? I believe Gates will need her for a murder because she’s the only one who can solve it with the help of Castle. I also hope Esposito and Ryan work things out and become bros again.

What are looking forward to season 5? Who will be the first to find out about Castle and Beckett?


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