This summer I started watching different shows and to me they are new. That fall shows are on hold and I don’t watch a lot of summer shows, I usually start watching shows everyone is talking about, but didn’t have time to watch until now. One show I started watching and fell in love with the show is Suits. It’s different and very new. I fell in love with the characters after the first episode and couldn’t stop watching the episodes. I got caught up pretty quick.

I’m a shipper for Rachel and Mike an just want them to be together. The mid season finale I was disappointed in Mike. I can’t believe he slept with a married woman, but then again Rachel was right he would do something stupid. Rachel’s face when she saw her broke my heart and Mike shit his pants if only he waited. Next season is going to be crazy because Rachel is going to go to law school to become a lawyer, tension between Mike and Rachel will be insane, and I can’t wait for Louis to get it.

I also want more Mike and Harvey bonding. They are my favorite. I also want Donna and Rachel to have more scene time together like girls night that was great.

The show is just great everything about the show is amazing. If you don’t want the show you definitely need to catch it. The show returns with the second half of season 2 in January!



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