I’m Horrible

I’m such a bad blogger and haven’t even been on for a while. Being busy and always tired is no excuse for me to not go on and post something. This past week has been tough on me and my family and just haven’t had time to blog.

One of the hardest things I’m going through right now and I’ve been sad. My cousin who has been battling cancer for about 2 years lost her battle this past week and it’s been very hard on me. Each day is different and I know now she is no pain. God has a plan for everyone.

I’ve also been working a whole lot and barely having time for anything. My job is about an hour away and that means waking up earlier, driving a lot, and no sleep. I’m finally done with the job because I was only helping out. This week I will be working 6 days which is going to e crazier, but I will blog again.

I apologize for not being on for a while but I am back and will blog more! In about a month school starts and so do the fall shows(: which shows are you excited to be back?!

Hope you all have an amazing day and have been doing well. God bless


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