How Many Castle Seasons?

As much as we would love shows to never end, they all must come to an end, but when is a good time? For Castle a lot has happened the past 4 seasons, how many seasons will it last? With an awesome finale and taking years for Beckett and Castle to finally being together everyone is now wondering how long the show will actually go on now they are together.

For me I see it as a new beginning and even though they are together doesn’t mean the show has to end. I also don’t want the show to drag out and be forced to end. I would like it to finish with a bang. There is a lot of storyline that we haven’t even touched yet which would be interesting to watch!

For instant we have no idea who Castle’s father is and they can go into that storyline for a good couple of seasons. What about Beckett will she go back to NYPD or be a PI?! They can also have a backstory on Castle and how his childhood was. The writers can go so many different directions for a good 3 seasons I believe.

Then we also have there relationship how they can be in a relationship. I would love the show to go for another 6 seasons and finish with 10 seasons like Friends. It did take 4 seasons for Beckett and Castle to get together and another 6 for them to be married and having a child and how that would be for them if they stay together!

What are your thoughts? How many seasons would you like to see Castle go for?


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