How’s it Going?!

Hey guys how are you? How’s your days going? I’ve been doing a lot trying to make the best of this summer. Trying to play tennis as much as I can. I haven’t played in like a year so it is weird for me to play, but not going to quit playing! I use to be obsessed with tennis like only talked about tennis. Reality took over after high school and now have so much to do and responsibilities.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about things and trying to hold up on something. I have been having family things and it is hard sometimes to just do things when all I think about is a family member of mine. I will explain this later writing it on one of my advices that is coming up!

Tonight or tomorrow morning I will have another top shows up, I have work and won’t be able to do a sideshow until I’m home and do it on my laptop. I finally got my iPhone today!! It made my day and I’m already in love.

Hope you all have an amazing day and be thankful for everything you have in life including seeing another day! Be grateful and blessed for the life you have and the family you have. Just remember there is ALWAYS someone out there who has a tougher life.


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