My Top Shows- The Big Bang Theory

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One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory! This show cracks me up and the cast and writing is amazing. The show is the most talked show for a couple of years. I finally started to watch it and fell in love! My favorite is Sheldon and his comments to everyone. You expect him being so honest and so cold, but something’s I don’t expect him to say and I die of laugher.

I also love the rest of the gang. I grew to love Howard, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Bernadette, and Amy. They all are the best and I love to see them grow. The writing is well written it still is comedy, but also has loving moments. A lot of the comedy shows goes from comedy to drama and lose its contacts from the show, but not Big Bang it’s still just as funny as season one.

This season was one of my favorites, the laughter, the crying, the wedding, everything was just great. The show is great and Jim Parsons is just superb, I can’t see anyone play Sheldon Cooper except him. If you don’t watch the show you should definitely watch it.


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