My Top Shows- Revenge

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For a while I kept hearing about Revenge and everyone was talking about it and I knew I had to check it out that everyone is talking about it. The first 5 minutes I was hooked on to the show. It is so different from any other show out now. Usually writers like to have a big bang on season finales, but not this show. It starts with a bang and ends with a bang. One thing I love about shows is that they are fast paced. The only thing that can make a show not working well is when writers don’t know how to keep the momentum and fast pace it too quick. Sometimes writers lose contact of the main aspect of the show which loses interest. Revenge keeps that momentum and a good fast paced show from beginning to end of the season.

The actors are just as good as the writing is. Emily VanCamp is an amazing actress; I couldn’t believe how well she played Emily Thorne’s part. She plays so evil, but also so loving at the same time. I actually want Emily to take down everyone and I want her wall to come down too. All the actors/actresses on the show are great from being good to bad person to vice versa, it’s just awesome.

The one thing the show that really sticks out to me how the show us what happened and then how they got there. Most shows have a buildup first and then what happened and no show I watch does that, which makes it new and fresh. The show has been moved to Sunday nights at 9pm and to me that is the busiest night for television for me with so many shows to watch during Sunday. I also think the show will do great against the competition and will have great numbers.


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