My Top Shows!

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The past couple of days have been tough choosing which show should go where and what show really made me be on my toes all season and what show had great writing, great guest stars, great acting, and of course great storylines. I’m still going back and forth on my top 4 and can’t decide which show is better because each show I watch is amazing and different from all. None of the shows are the same and have all different type of category they are in, but after about 4 or 5 days deciding I think I came up with a list. Just a reminder this list doesn’t state that my top show is the best, it just states that my top show is one of my favorites and that this season it brought it and topped last season or topped the other shows. Before I introduce number 5, I decided to do a top 10 and with these below are in no special order.

Starting off the list is Dexter. As much as I love Dexter this season was a let down. It had a lot of potential and the first half of the season was great, then it just started to drag everything and the whole Debra-Dexter love story just killed it for me. I’m hoping they kill that off on season 7 and excited to see what Yvonne will story for the season.

The next show that I’m obsessed with is Scandal. It became one of those shows you couldn’t get enough of. With only 7 episodes I was already intrigued and couldn’t stop watching and just want more. Even though the first season was amazing, I do still believe the show has a lot to prove for season 2 because I’m guessing they will have more than 7 episodes and with the show being a face paced show it will have to have a fast paced, but still the same pace as season 1.

Another favorite show of mine is Homeland. The show is so different from anything that is out now and it’s just amazing. The actors are great especially Claire, she truly blew me away the whole season. I can’t wait for season 2 to see what will happen to Carrie and Brody and if she will remember how Nazir and Brody are connected. The writers were amazing and hope for season 2 to be the same pace and unfold more stories.

One of my favorite family drama show definitely goes to Parenthood. There are barely any family dramas out anymore and if there are it’s not like Parenthood. It’s such a great show and every minute of the show is spectacular and the cast is just amazing. It’s one of the few shows that are so great and are underrated. It needs to get the reconciliation it deserves. I’m happy it got renewed, even though it barely got a whole season, but still glad it got renewed and excited for next season.

Rounding the list will have to go to a show that I loved when I first started and I’m just so obsessed with. I’m talking about Person of Interest. The show is so different and it’s at a fast pace, but also has slow pace. Like instead of telling us everything that has happened and everyone’s past they take a layer off piece by piece and it just makes you think even more. It is so well written and the actors are brilliant. I am excited to see what season 2 will offer and what kind of direction it will go into.

Those are the shows that didn’t make it to my top 5 shows, but still made it to my favorites and are still obsessed with. So who made it on my top 5 check it out tomorrow when I have number 5 up!


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