My Top Shows: OUAT!

One of my favorite shows of this season would have to be Once Upon A Time. When I first heard of the show I knew I had to watch it, not because it’s about some of my favorite Disney fairytale characters, but because of the writers. Any Lost writers/creators I am going to watch the show. I also found out Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison were on the show and that’s when I knew the show would be a hit. When I first started watching the series I didn’t get into it and wasn’t intrigued. After about 15 minutes of the premiere is when I couldn’t stop watching. The rest is history.

The show doesn’t just have one main character there are a bunch of characters and back stories we all want to know about. The thing I love the most is the twists of the characters and jaw dropping reveals. The writers have done an awesome job on rewriting the Disney fairytales. The actors play such important roles and they play them so well. I can’t wait for season 2 and what is ahead, so much can happen.

With new regular series actors on the show now, Belle (Emilie De Ravin) and Red/Ruby/Werewolf (Meghan Ory) which means we will see more of both of them and their backstories. Ruby is one of my favorite storylines on the show and can’t wait to have more. The show got me hooked and now obsessed with. This is why it’s one of my top shows this season!



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