What’s Coming Ahead

So I got some awesome news that I will share with you. I’ve decided to do multiple things to keep the blog fresh and still do as much that my shows are done for the season. And that it’s going to be a long summer and September is so far away.

That nominations and award shows around the corner, I have decided to do a top 3 or 4 of each category of who I think should get a nomination and also who should win. I will have that each day starting this week or beginning of next week! I’m still deciding from all the shows I watch. I will have the basics: best actress/actor, best villain, best drama, best comedy, best new show, etc. Stay tuned to that.

Another thing I decided to do is My Top Shows of this season. It was a tough choice to make and I’m still trying to decided which number the shows should be. It’s tough because a lot of shows were great this season, but I chose ones that had me on my toes all season, made me laugh, and of course the brilliant writing. I decided to do one show a day and write a whole piece on the show until I reach number one. I will start Tuesday or Wednesday this week so stay tuned. Any guesses on the top 5?!

Some shows I just started watching now, some last year, but these shows I’m obsessed with. The weirdest thing though is I never really watch a show right when it starts, sometimes I wait after a couple of episodes to make sure it doesn’t get cancelled. Sometimes a good show overlaps a show I’m already watching and don’t get a chance to watch, but I do when the seasons are over. We can never watch every single show on that is just impossible, but when someone tells me about how great a show is then I will give it a shot and watch it. Or I catch a promo and I get hooked and tell myself I need to watch it.


One response to “What’s Coming Ahead”

  1. onlinefunland says :

    You decided fabulous changes !Best Of Luck !

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