Let’s Talk: Castle

I know I’m like a month late on Castle, but I just finished watching all 4 seasons. The season finale was insane. So much is going through my head that I can’t even think straight. So many questions that I can’t wait to get answers from.

One thing I’m nervous about is what is going to happen to Smith! They finally found him, well the guy who almost killed Beckett. I want someone to be watching and right when the guy points his gun at Smith, the other guy watching them shoots the guy. Then the leader not knowing where and who Montgomery’s friend is.

Esposito and Ryan are on the rocks. I do think Esposito will understand and forgive his partner, but will need some time to breathe. If Ryan was in that situation we know Esposito would do the same thing.

What I can’t wait as all Castle fans can’t either is what happens next with Beckett and Castle. They finally got together and it was perfect. From Rick telling Kate about his secret and her secret and telling her he loves her again. Nathan owned that scene, it was so powerful and sincere I even cried. Then Kate almost dying and screaming Castle, but he wasn’t there; and all she could think about is Castle. When she was at the park and it was raining was amazing. To me that’s were she was when she told Rick about her wall being up and the rain showed to me that it was a new beginning for her and that her wall is finally down. For 13 years her mother’s murder was all her life and now she is letting go and focusing on her life.

Is it September yet?! I can’t wait that long for season 5. What do you think season 5 will hold? I like that they will go in a new direction and it’s something new that so many changes have happened I can’t wait for it. What I want to happen in season 5 is Beckett helping Rick finding his dad and helping him write his book. I also want Beckett to not go back to the prescient until at least a couple of episodes, at least 5 and then Gates calls her because she needs her back and also asks for Castle to come back too.


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