How Is It Going?

How are you doing? How’s your week been? I’ve had a pretty good week. Work most of the days, but also did a lot. Thursday was my only day off and so many memories were made. I went to breakfast with my baby cousin and her mom and that was fun. Then in the afternoon it was my sister’s and cousin’s graduation and was with family the whole night.

It was pretty awesome! Something I couldn’t stop doing is watching Castle. I’m so hooked on this show, I can’t stop watching until I’m all caught up. I’m already on season 4 so I’m not almost done. I haven’t really been blogging because I’ve been watching too much Castle! After one episode I want to watch the next one. My favorite season so far is season 3, season 4 I need to watch them all but it’s a close one. I don’t know how I never watched this show before. If you haven’t watched Castle before I’m telling you you should. It is amazingly good. I’m surprised that Stana Katic hasn’t gotten Emmy nomination for her performance. She’s has become one of my favorite actresses.

Once I finish season 4 I will be taking a break from shows on my to do list to watch. I do need to catch up on my summer shows. I also will start writing more and putting more advice articles! Hope you all have a splendid day and weekend! And to all the Fathers out there Happy Fathers Day! And to all the Moms out there Happy Fathers Day.


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