Great Seasons!

This season we had a lot of great new shows and also great seasons. Which new show caught your eye, which show couldn’t you stop watching, and which season finale had the best cliffhanger? With all the shows and all the cliffhangers, it was tough to just pick one! I decided to do a great new show, great season by drama and comedy, my opinion on best cliffhanger, best of both worlds, and a great new mini season. Which 6 shows actually got me hooked?

From watching so many shows only 6 actually caught my eye that I thought were great. This year alone I watched a lot of new series, which I rarely do, so 4 out 6 are new shows that I recommend to watch if you don’t watch.

Here is my list:

Best comedy show for the season has to go to The Big Bang Theory. Not only was it a great season, to me it was a season of laughs and lots of growing up! A lot of times after season after season lots of shows lose it’s cool, but not TBBT they are still on top. Even though this season finale didn’t have a cliffhanger, to me it was such a cute finale and just makes you think what is next! The only think I will like to see in season 6 is Raj grow and be able to talk to girls sober.

The great season for a drama show is next and that was a tough one that a lot of shows brought amazing seasons this year. My top pick goes to The Good Wife though. Not only was every episode spectacular, but a lot of things happened that I never thought would. Just when I thought Julianna Margulies couldn’t up herself she did. This season says it all, the guest stars were great and the supporting actors brought it.

For me the best new show has to go to Person of Interest. Not only does the show have great twists, it also takes it’s time on the story telling. It was a tough one for me to pick, but decided that this show stood out the most because the writing is just brilliant. The show can go one for seasons and it can still be at a good paste about the past and how they got there. Between Finch, Reese, Carter, and Fusco’s relationships towards each other is great, so is knowing their back story. Each episode it brought it’s a game and never stopped at one place. Season two has so many directions it can go, I can’t wait to see which way they will go.

The next I will do will be Best of Both Worlds. The reason why I choice this category was because the show has different elements that not a lot of shows have or any have. I’m talking about Once Upon A Time. This show doesn’t just have one actor playing one character, but has almost each actor playing two characters for one person. The acting and writing are superb. The one thing I love about it is that the evil people you love to hate them! With just season 1 I’m already hooked and can’t wait to see how the writers will deal with season 2 and which direction they will go.

The show that was on for only 7 weeks and came by a storm. No one saw it coming and yet it hit and got me hooked. Scandal is what I’m talking about. The show came in April and it came with a bang. It was so good that I wanted more than just 7 episodes. I’m glad the show didn’t go in a too fast paste that it only had 7 episodes and liked it went in a paste the show went on. I’m excited that the show got picked up and hope we get more than 7 episodes for season 2.

Last but not least the best cliffhanger and finale. It was a tough one because a lot of shows had great finales, but one show stood out to me. I had to chose it to be the best finale and cliffhanger. It brought its A game and didn’t stop at all. The whole season was amazing, but the finale went to a different level. The show I’m talking about is Revenge. The whole season had gotten so many twists and jaw dropping discoveries and it kept me on my toes every time, but the finale just blew my mind. It wasn’t just one thing, but it was multiple things that I never saw coming. Next season I’m super excited about and want to know what’s next. Who died, what’s next for Emily, what will happen to Charlotte, and did Victoria really get on that plane? The new time slot I think it’s great and it will do fine at 9 on Sundays with all the competition at that time slot.


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