Mistakes = Lessons Learned

We all make mistakes in life. No one is perfect and we all do things that have consequences or we regret. We should never regret any mistake we have made because that mistake was a lessons learned. We all go through something tough in our life, but remember it is just so in the end it will make us stronger.

There are time when we don’t even know how strong we truly are until we overcome something. I can say for me there have been multiple times were I think I can’t do something, but do indeed do it. I always learn something new about myself when I overcome an obstacle. Anything is possible if you put your mind into it.

Why regret mistakes? Why wish you never met an ex? Those mistakes you can learn from them and become a better and stronger person. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes in life, small and big. If we don’t learn from them then we will be going in a circle every time and making the same mistakes over and over again. We won’t grow as a human being and be at the same spot forever.

We all had a bad breakup and sometimes it’s really bad. We sometimes wish we never met that person or never dated them. Which you should never say because thanks to that person, they have made you a stronger person, made you realize what kind of person you want to date, and what type of person to stay away from.

Usually we do things from impulse and then realize we don’t want it in the future. Then that will turn into a mistake. Anytime you make a decision think about it before jumping the gun because you never know if you want it in a couple of weeks.

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