Hey Guys!

I’ve been gone for a couple of days had some issues I needed to take care of and also just find myself again! I wasn’t thinking straight and just was overwhelmed with a lot of things. I’m still trying to figure things out and am far from even getting there, but won’t stop at what I’m trying to accomplish! It’s been a good few days, not only am I thinking straight, but also not going to let things get to me like that anymore!

I’m so thankful and grateful to have such an amazing family by my side who help me out so much. They truly are the best and couldn’t ask for a better family! They are my rock. One thing I did learn from this is I need to learn to calm myself and think before doing anything I will regret. I’m back to blogging, but I also will be focusing on getting my life back on track. There will be a couple of advice articles coming.

One will be from this experience I just had and the other one I had written before. So I will be getting those together by Saturday. I haven’t published the Shows that caught my eye yet and also the polls and what series I enjoyed. That will be on here hopefully by Thursday or Friday. I also came up with a the best season finale ever which includes the best cliffhanger, best episode, and overall best finale.

Hope you all are doing great and had a great weekend. Hope today is a great day and be happy you can do something today! God bless each and every single one of you! Thank you for the support you have given to me, it’s truly a blessing.


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