Do What You Want To Do!

We all have that friend/family member who tells us what we should do with our lives. Ones who will keep nagging you until they hear what they want to hear. The ones who are super noisy about our lives, they will do whatever it take to get anything out of us. We all have someone(s) in our lives that is like this. When you were reading this someone came to your mind right?! Mine sure did.

I’m a very private person and don’t like sharing personal things with anyone. I have trust issues and the only ones I tell things to are my very close circle. One of my cousins that I hardly see and when I do see her all she does is nag nag nag. Always the same questions and always trying to get things out of me. The past 3 years she always asked
me what I want to be and my answer was always the same I don’t know yet. Once I said that she would tell me every single field in the medical field that made lots of money.

The past couple of months if you read my past posts I did mention I finally figured out what I want to become. I still haven’t told anyone yet except my sisters, my parents, and cousin. Not the cousin that always nags me and recently was telling me everything single career that made lots of money. I finally told her I didn’t care for the money then she went into something totally opposite. Once I said something she looked at me like an idiot. The reason idiot want to say anything yet is because irony want people to say negative things about it and also want to make sure this is exactly what I want to go into. I will be taking classes for my career in the fall.

Anyways, people will always want to have a map for you. They want to live your life and do things they never did. To those people trying to control your life or other peoples lives just SHUT THEM UP! No matter what they say NEVER take it to heart and always do things you want to do. Always do things for yourself no one else. If you dot then you will never be happy.

Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you happy! Never do something because someone tells you to do it. Whatever career you go into or where your going to end up someone will hate it and try to bring you down. Shut those people out of your life, if they are trying to break you don’t have them in your life!


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