Let’s Talk: Revenge Season Finale

Such an epic season and finale! So many cliffhangers and so many questions! The writers and actors did an awesome job with the finale. I seriously didn’t expect it to be this amazing! So many twists and turns you wouldn’t even be able to keep up. The show can go so many directions for season 2.

What I want to know is who died? I don’t think it’s Victoria. Lydia has to die, does she have 9 lives?! I also think someone else is dead that we didn’t see or expect. Someone on the plane that we didn’t know was on there or something. I don’t think Charlotte is dead either that would be risky and we just found out Emily is her sister! I can see Emily going to the hospital and being there for Charlotte. Who do you think is dead?

Jack and Fauxmanda having a baby together?!?! There must be some confusion or something doesn’t add up! It can’t be Jack’s baby or she’s not really pregnant. I think Tekeda was behind this and did it to get Emily back on track. I mean this dude has tabs on her. I want Emily and Jack together and hope he goes to her for comfort.

Emily’s mom is alive!! What how crazy! Did she plot the revenge on her dad? Does she have a revenge? So many questions about her mom that I want to know! What are your thoughts on this? The question I want to know is who do you want to play Emily’s mother? Here are my choices: Marcia Cross, Drea de Matteo, Paige Turco, and Elizabeth Mitchell. What are your takes?

This season was the best and the finale was my favorite episode! It just blew my mind. Is it season 2 yet?! September hurry up! What do you think of the show moving to Sundays at 9pm. The busiest time slot for television! I think the show will do great, but am worried of all the shows going against it.


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One response to “Let’s Talk: Revenge Season Finale”

  1. instillari says :

    OMG how amazing was that finale?? I love Revenge, and was so thrilled that it was picked up for a second season. I was beyond shocked when Amanda (love how you refer to her as fauxmanda lol) came back and was pregnant! How sad for Emily 😦 Emily and Jack need to be together! I am so praying that Jack is not the father of that baby. And I am thinking there is no way Victoria is dead, she will probably go into hiding and when everyone thinks she is dead she will pop out with her evilness again lol. And I was wondering about who would play Emily’s mom too, Marcia Cross would be good! Ahhh I wish it was coming on sooner, b/c it will be hard waiting so long.

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