Let’s Talk: Revenge

So tonight is finally here and that means the finale of Revenge is here!! Such a bittersweet moment, our last Wednesday night and last episode of season 1. It’s going to be a long summer for us Revengers. What are you excited about?

For me, I’m excited to see the Emily and Daniel talk about her and Jack kissing! Also if you noticed in the promo Daniel finds that camera Emily had hidden! I hope she plays it off like she didn’t know and becomes violated. I’m also excited for the fight scene between Emily and the white haired man! I really hope Emily kills him because one he talked about her mother and two he knows who she is! I have a feeling there will be two deaths including the white haired man and on top of those two there will be a possible death (which I think will be Charlotte and she overdoses and we won’t know if she survives or not!)

I read there is going to be explosions in the episode and a lot goes on! I can’t wait for it. This season has been great and I’ve been on my toes every episode and can’t wait for the finale! I do want to ask, in the promo they say Emily is at the end of her revenge, what do you think that means?

This is what I think; Emily kills the white haired man and she figures out more people want to help her take down the Graysons. She gets revenge on her father’s death, but not fully! Then I’m on fence about people wanting to help her, as the white haired man wants to help her destroy the Grayson’s and will help her so she doesn’t kill him instead team up!

What are your theories? There are a million plus of theories and we will finally see tomorrow. They will never be what we expect to happen! Are you excited for tonights finale of Revenge?


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