What’s New?!

So I actually like telling you guys what’s been going on with my life! And will start doing this more. (: this week is hectic for me that New York is so close! Work and running around and of course packing is what I got going on.

I have put up my advice article up for this week if you haven’t seen it yet go here


I might post another one up tonight!! That I have so much to do by Friday I will be blogging less, I’ll try and blog everyday if I can. There will be a Let’s Talk on Revenge later tonight so keep a look out on that Revengers! I also will do a review on the finale and another post finale Let’s Talk! These will be up by Thursday morning/night. I’m not sure if I will have to do this or not before Friday, but I will have a couple of polls on finales, new series, and other things. And I will do my favorite new shows and my favorite finales that blew my mind!

When I’m in New York (Friday thru Monday) I won’t be able to blog! ;( I will try my best to blog some picture, but I will be out and about. Once I get back I will be back and blog a whole lot. Hopefully there will be free wifi at the hotel I’m staying at and I could blog at night.

Hope you all have a safe travels if your traveling this weekend. Have fun and be safe.


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