Let’s Talk: Revenge

It’s been two days since Grief was on and I’m still recovering from it. The sneak peeks for the finale are already up! You can check those out here


So much is going to happen and I can’t wait for it! I watched all three sneak peeks and the order I believe that happens is Emily goes to Nolan’s house and see the video and then gets handcuffed and the fight is after! The reason is that the first sneak peek the white haired man tells her she’s clever and is startled that she’s in the chair and behind her is where she was handcuffed with Nolan. What are your ideas?

I don’t think Nolan is going to die either. If the sneak peeks are what I think they are then Emily frees him and tells him to tell Jack she loves him and he goes. Also when she is fighting the white haired man she has blood on her face when she doesn’t when she’s handcuffed! In the promos she also sniffs something to make her sleep and think she did that to save Nolan! A strategy she has in store to not only save Nolan, but to fight the man.

One thing I want to know is who dies! It has to be the white haired man right? I mean Emily told him who she is and she will kill him right?! If he stays alive he could go and tell the Greyson’s who Emily truly is. Maybe two people die the white haired man and someone else. Who do you think it could be? I kind of want it to be Ashley because she is such a bad friend and she would do anything to get higher on the A-list.

Next week will be the finale and I’m super sad about it. Its going to be a long summer! Can’t wait for the finale though. It’s going to be epic. A bittersweet moment! Season 2 will be great.

What are your thoughts on the finale? What will happen?


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