Revenge S1E21- Grief

What an episode. I was at the edge of my seat the entire episode and am still trying to wrap my head on everything. Where to begin…Let’s start with Declan. He finally made a friend and I’m happy he did, he needs to stop just focusing on Charlotte and focus on himself.

Daniel and Emily argue on everything as Daniel now wants a big wedding and she doesn’t want that. One thing I can’t stand is Ashley, she is not a friend and will do anything to be on the A list. I kind of hope she dies in the finale. After Ashley saw Jack and Emily kissing, I just know she will tell Daniel to just get higher to the list. I do hope Emily finds out that Ashley sold her out and finishes her.

My favorite scene and the saddest were with Jack and Emily and poor Sammy. I couldn’t believe that he died; I was balling when he died couldn’t believe it. I did love the moment Jack and Emily had it was romantic. They finally kissed and it is about time they did. I was smiling from ear to ear. I also did love the moment they had when they were digging the grave for Sammy. It was cute and I liked that Emily didn’t run away instead she became in the moment and didn’t know what to do. I can’t wait to see what happens with this love triangle and who Emily chooses. I know she wants Jack, but it could ruin her avenges and she has no feelings for Daniel now for the path he has chosen, but needs him to get back at everyone.

After this episode I can’t stand Daniel and don’t get why he chose this path. It just shows he is turning into his father little by little. I just hope it is revenge from him to get back at his father, that this is an act. I guess we will see what happens. Conrad and Lydia moved into Victoria’s lover’s place which is kind of creepy. Victoria’s red dress was stunning just perfect to show Conrad what he’s missing. I did like when Victoria came back and got the videotapes and Lydia didn’t do anything because in the end she will turn her back to Conrad. I just have a feeling about that.

Now let’s talk about the white haired man and Nolan. Nolan stepped up big time in this episode and made me love him even more. Not only did he show his loyalty towards Emily, but also saved her from doing something she will regret. What was up with the white haired man with all those clocks in his house? Something doesn’t add up there. I knew when Nolan went to his house and faked being the cable guy, that he knew Nolan was not who he said he was, but didn’t see it coming he would kidnap him. I loved the scene with Carol and Emily it was great. My favorite favorite was with Emily talking to Nolan right before the craziness happened and how she forgave him and told him, he’s a great friend.

What did you think of the episode? Are you still trying to regroup from last night’s episode? Are you excited for the finale?


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