Let’s Talk: Scandal

Tonight is the season finale of Scandal. So much has happened and so much will happen. One thing I want to know is how Quinn will hold up with everything that happened. I mean her bf just got killed right when she left!

The whole thing about the president is getting juicy! In the previews we see the vp person dude I forgot his name telling the press everything. Do you think Olivia will come clean that it’s her on the tape?

What about the first lady how much does she know? I think she knows that he loves her and she loves him and doesn’t really do anything about it. Why I have no idea! If you remember in episode 5 Mellie did as Fitz did you see Olivia? Well now you can sleep again. When she said that the first thing in my head was she knows and is okay with it because she doesn’t love him and no one knows. Now what?

What are your thoughts? What do you think will happen tonight?


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