How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale!

Another season is in the books and this was a pretty good season. Not only did we get a birth of Marshall and Lilly’s first child, but we also finally got to see who the bride is for Barney. The hour finale was pretty good they went by quick and have to say I can’t wait for season 8.

Let’s begin with Lilly being in labor! Marshall is super drunk and in Atlantic City with Barney. Marshall talking was hilarious he made no sense what’s so ever! Ted freaking out about Lilly was something I always expected that it is Ted and he freaks out all the time. Robin pretending Lilly is an animal and Lilly sounded like an animal was funny.

They started telling stories and I thought they might be funny, but they were okay. My favorite was the door I just knew it was nothing and loved Marshall’s face when they scared him.

Barney thinks Quinn left him, but instead she redecorated the whole house. They go on a romantic trip as he proposes to her and of course she says yes. It was the cutest proposal I had seen!

Ted and Robin are finally on good terms and Robin tells him to call Victoria and go after her. She’s in a dress about to get married and Ted runs away to the sunset with her. What happens next we will see!

Barney picks Lilly and Marshall’s baby’s middle name and have to say its the coolest middle name ever. The baby’s name is Marvin Waitforit Erikson! That’s just awesome. In the end we finally see the bride and who Barney is going to marry. Of course it’s Robin. How we get there we will have to wait. I also hope they get to Robin getting engaged to the guy in the department.

What did you think of the finale? Did you like it? Did you know it was going to be Robin? What do you think of Ted and Victoria? Did you enjoy this season?


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