Once Upon A Time Season 1 Finale

What an epic season finale! I didn’t see it coming and I was at the edge of my seat the entire hour. I knew Henry wasn’t going to die, but had no idea how he will wake up. The episode starts off exactly where we ended last week. Henry is in the hospital and no one knows exactly what is going on. With Emma believing just a tad that it could be magic and then touching his book and remembering everything. Finally she believes and I couldn’t be happier.

The scenes with Emma and Regina working together to save Henry were my favorite. I loved when Emma got it out of Regina that she is the Evil Queen. It was great to see them work together to save their son. Of course they go to another evil person Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin. They have no else to turn to for help except for him, that he is the only other person besides Jefferson who knows who they are. The most powerful potion Rumple has made is in a dragon aka Maleficent.

Everyone including me thought when Emma dropped her father’s sworn to kill the dragon with a gun is just ridiculous. Even though I thought it was dumb, she was being realistic that maybe the gun will work better. I also hated that Emma just gave Mr. Gold the potion instead of keeping it, but then again she was in a hurry to save Henry she wasn’t thinking about Mr. Gold running away with it.

In Fairytale world, we finally see the Huntsman aka Sherriff. Even though it was only for a couple of minutes it was still refreshing to see his face. I liked that he helped Charming to find Snow. To get to Snow, Charming had to get Rumple’s help and all he had to do is put the potion in the dragon for when it’s a raining day (which was now in Storybrooke world). Charming does everything and finds Snow just like how the pilot started. Now I want to know is how they take their kingdom back and also how the king approves or what exactly happens.

In Storybrooke, Jefferson gets burned again by Regina so he takes it in his own hands to get her back and by doing so he goes to the basement and gets Belle out and tell Mr. Gold that Regina did this to her. One thing I want to know is how did Jefferson know about the basement, but Mr. Gold didn’t?! Mr. Gold is always two steps ahead of everyone and knows what is going to happen. He knew that everyone was going to remember, but I don’t get why he is bringing back magic now?

Dr. Whale told Emma and Regina that Henry is gone, he doesn’t have a pulse. Emma tells him she loves him and kisses his forehead and then he wakes up. It was such an adorable moment and yes I had tears in my eyes. Not only did she save Henry she saved the whole city as they know who they truly are and now are after to get Regina. One thing that was very sad is when Emma went to August’s room and saw him turn into a toy again. She finally believed, but she couldn’t save him. But is he really gone or could he turn back into a human by magic?!

Mr. Gold didn’t stop as everyone figures out who they are he goes to well and throws the potion in there to bring back magic. Why does he do this? I think in season 2 will be a conflict for him to choose between Belle and Baefire and the power. The purple smoke did remind me of Lost and the black smoke, it was the girlfriend this time. Lol The reuniting of Charming and Snow in Storybrooke was so precious, I wanted to see the Charming reunion, but got to wait until next season. As Emma kissed her son to break the curse, it didn’t fully break the curse as everyone was still in Storybrooke and not in fairytale world. I wonder why that is and what could happen. Now that magic is coming to Storybrooke a lot could happen. Is it September or October yet, can’t wait for season 2 to come.


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