The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Finale

What an episode to end the season! Howard is going to space aka fruit loops and Bernadette wants to get married before he leaves. Tonight’s episode had lots of laughs. This was the episode I’ve been waiting for. The only downside is it should’ve been an hour long instead of just a half hour! I think there should be a rule for shows to have finales an hour long for half hour shows and 2 hours long for hour long shows.

Anyways, back to business. I thought it was super cute that Howard and Bernadette got married. Amy cracked me up this episode. She didn’t care about anyone except for herself and it’s hilarious when Amy gets mad at the little things.

The whole Leonard proposing to Penny has already gotten on my nerves. I did love Penny’s face expressions they were priceless. Raj being the party planner for fruit loops wedding was funny. I knew he was going to be the party planner he’s such a girl. I do hope next season they focus on Raj stepping out of his shell and talking to girls sober.

It was super cute that all 5 friends were ministers for the wedding. For a second I thought we would finally meet Howard’s loving mother, but we didn’t. Bernadette’s father was hilarious. My favorite lines from him were “your mother in law is a hand full!” “I know dad!” Bernadette. “Her mustache is bigger than mine!” I died when he said that.

When the group aka ministers starting doing there speeches I thought they all will be sweet except for Sheldon’s. Sheldon’s speech was a riot. I loved it! “I hope you guys find happiness with each other as I do with myself!” Only Sheldon Cooper would say that. The ending was adorable how they all grabbed each others hand. It was super sweet!

Now the season is over, do you think Howard will survive and will he be okay?! Did you enjoy the finale!?


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