Revenge S1E20- Legacy

The entire episode was a flashback of a flashback of a flashback. Can any show do that?! Only revenge can. Lol the episode starts off with Emily in her long brunette hair at a club about to beat the brains out of a guy in the bathroom. Then Nolan shows up.

He noticed that Emily didn’t read the journals and that she should. I love how Nolan is so protective of Emily, love their scenes together. She finally reads them and she flashes back to the new years eve party when she was little. That was the first time he met Victoria. I will get to that later. Emily goes to the bar and sees Jack with that 90s hair due. Even back then Sammy notices Emily.

Emily fills in for kyra (Jack’s ex gf) for the Grayson’s New Years Eve party. At the party everyone that she has taken down now was there. Who knew that in 2002 was when Conrad and Lydia started their affair. Emily found one true friend to David Clarke and he was going to help her out with destroying each and one of them. In the end though he was killed by Frank, which was sad. We find out the one who actually wrote the nasty letter was Treadwell. Which isn’t a surprise.

I just wonder why Victoria didn’t destroy him then?! I liked the episode, not only did it give us a backstory on how it all happened, but we also learned different things. We know why Jack didn’t like Nolan, that he kissed Kyra as the ball dropped.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? I’m really excited for next weeks episode, it’s the episode I’ve been waiting for. Here’s the promo!


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