Let’s Talk: Revenge

We only have 1 episode until the season finale and we know that next episode something happens and it brings Jack and Emily and I think it’s Sammy! I really hope it isn’t, but it only makes sense he means the world to both of them. We also see that Emily is digging a grave at the beach I’m guessing right in front of her house, Sammy is home.

The thing that I really want to know though is the person Emily is trying to kill. In the promo she says “I want my face to be the last face you see before you die!” who could this be? I’ve been thinking really hard and have a few ideas who this person could be. Also, in the finale someone does die. Here’s my theory.

I think the person Emily is trying to kill is actually the guy who killed David Clarke, her father. She tries to kill him, but she doesn’t for some odd reason in this Wednesday’s episode. In the finale, she tries to find him as he has Nolan captured, but she finds him as she gets handcuffed too. They both somehow get free and escape, but before they do Emily goes and finally finishes him!

What do you think? I know it’s insane, but it kind of makes sense right? Who do you think it is? What are your theories that will happen in the next episode and in the finale?



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