I Need Some

The past couple of weeks I haven’t had no inspiration on my advice column! I sometimes just sit and just look at a blank paper. Just stuck on what to write about. I’ve had writers block and it sucks! This past year I have started writing and it’s the first time with having writers block. I’m trying to figure out how to get out of this slump and hopefully I will be back writing a whole lot.

I am done with classes and just have been working and trying to have a life again! It takes time because I feel like its only for a short time and I will have to go back to being super busy. The next couple of weeks will be crazy that I’m working a lot that I will be going to New York in a couple of weeks for memorial day weekend! I’m really excited for it.

One thing I really hate it when I get into this slump and can’t really just get out of it. I need to find some motivation and inspiration to start writing again! Sorry if anyone is looking forward to them and haven’t gotten anything. I hope you understand and will still come to my blog. I still will do my reviews, show previews, and any spoilers on shows! Even though they are ending soon;( I still will do them. I will also do a scandal and revenge review, even though I just started watching the shows. I love both the shows and want to do reviews. Hope you come and check it out!

Hope you all have a great day and stay positive. Never let someone tell you you can’t do something. Anything is possible.


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