Once Upon A Time S1E21- An Apple As Blood

The episode before the finale and it brought it. Once I start put the clues together and figure things out there is a curveball and my jaw drops. This show never disappoints and every episode just gets better and better. This episode was about Snow and Charming in Fairytale world and in Storybrooke is Henry trying to get Emma to believe as Regina is trying to get rid of her.

Let’s start with Fairytale world. Snow, dwarfs, Granny, and Red went out of their way to save Charming and when Snow finally got to him, Regina already took him to her castle. I loved the kicked ass Snow we saw and it just shows she will stop at anything to save her loved one. I think it’s really cool how the pilot of the season was Charming saving sleeping Snow and I’m guessing we will find out exactly how he finds her and what happens. Snow ate the poison apple the Evil Queen offered to save Charming’s life, but Charming knows something isn’t right that he was getting the symptoms too.

In Storybrooke, Regina needs to do anything to get rid of Emma so the curse can be strong again. The curse is weakening that Emma is in town. Regina’s apple tree is rotting and Mr. Gold loves every part of it. I think he knows what was going to happen as Regina came in all happy that she did it, got a poison apple and now Emma will be asleep. It was heartbreaking to see the Emma and Henry scenes. It seems like everyone has given up on the curse except for Henry. I truly think he is the one who will really save everyone, but needs Emma’s help.

Henry notices the poison apple and now is in a coma or in a sleeping curse and can only be saved by true love. I think this will be when Emma tells him that she believes and truly means it. We saw Jefferson back today and I wonder what happened to him when he fell down when we first saw him?! Does Emma still have his magical hat that she built? Regina knows how to manipulate everyone into thinking she will help them out, but truly only help herself out.

Next week is the finale! It’s a bittersweet moment, so much happened and I can’t get enough of the show. Did you enjoy the episode? What are looking forward to the finale? We get lots of stars back including the Huntsman, Belle, Jefferson, and Maleficent.

Here is the Finale Promo!


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